Old School Future

by Unidentified Funk Object

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released October 31, 2015

Produced by: Greg Melchin, Ed Renzi
Mixed by: Charles Austin
Mastered by: TimJim Baker
Artwork by: Paul St-Amand

Unidentified Funk Object is:
Dr G: Vocals, Theremin
Tiffinie “The Empress” Laing: Vocals
Carolyn Curry: Vocals
Brendan Melchin: Drums
Casey Thompson: Bass
James "Tiberius" Spray: Keyboards
Ross "Nookz" Avey: Guitar
Paul St-Amand: Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Andrew MacKelvie: Soprano and Alto Sax
Evan Mahaney: Tenor Sax and Flute
Ally Fiola: Tenor and Bari Sax
Andrew "Ajax" Jackson: Trombone

Special guests:
Eszter Horvath: Violin
Lauren Soubolsky: Vocals
Jim Boyle: Vocals


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Unidentified Funk Object Halifax, Nova Scotia

Unidentified Funk Object brings interplanetary grooves beamed from the funkiest depths of space to Ur dancefloor. Dr. G's far-out theremin and the band's stone-cold funk take Ur body and soul 2 another plane of existence. Ahh yeah.

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Track Name: Old School Future
I wanna talk about the Old School Future
The kind that people used to talk about
Where everybody’s gonna come together
Across the cosmos we’ll be reaching out
Nowdays you always hear a different story
They say we’re heading to dystopia
I’ll let U in on a little secret
The future’s here right now

So baby get back
To the Old School Future
Get back
To where we belong
Get back
To the Old School Future
The Old School Future, yeah
Cuz we doing it

Back on the topic of the Old School Future
That’s one of many possibilities
If every choice we make alters the timeline
I’ll create the future that I wanna see
I’ll make a journey to a distant galaxy
I’ll turn the bass up in my flying car
I’ll save the planet from certain destruction cuz
The future’s here right now
Track Name: Empress
Sometimes you’re just magnificent
Sometimes you’re out of style
Sometimes you split the difference
Act like an ordinary human for a while
But I don’t take it serious
Cuz humans are ridiculous
You know that’s why I’m empress
You know that’s why I’m empress

Have you ever seen a science fiction queen
Upon your little planet that’s the only place you been now
And I can see how you wouldn’t expect the empress
To address this world that’s such a hot mess
But I guess I’ll explain, challenge your brain
How I came from the heights of fame, back in the day
Sustained my reign, but now it pains me to say they forget my name
Forget the day the empress came
Cuz the haters gonna hate, but they never can understand
Where I been and what I seen and what I am
And the best of your scientists are scramblin’
To understand what’s at hand for humanity. They say

G: When testing the specimen for some evidence of sentience
Detected excessive intelligence in my experiments
In my experience this is without precedent
Perplexed, I requested to test my hypothesis
So I could document the complex environment of rhymes
In which the aforementioned subject appears to thrive
I question why, in light of the science, this transpired
Is this success? This empress? But I digress

Wake up late, have a little bit of soylent green
Bring in the bass beat, keep you on the edge of your seat
While I lie low, biding my time, preoccupy you with my rhymes
Until the hour is nigh
When the haters’ eyes will see my empire rise
And they wonderin why I keep blowin they mind
While Unidentified Funk Object will provide the funky vibe
You’re mystified
You think you interstellar haters can replace me?
Well can you face me? Where would your brains be?
Disintegrated like the vaporized papers around my space weed
You’re saying praise be unto the space queen
Track Name: Dance Says Venus
She's so funky, it's easy to tell
How she captured me under her spell
Heard her beat and started to move
Every inch of me dying to groove

Looked in her eyes and entered a trance
Gave up my heart, succumbed to the dance
500 miles up above the ground
Gettin' in tune with the Cosmic Sound

Can't describe what you felt
As we danced across the asteroid belt
Felt compelled to obey
Every word the goddess says

Aphrodites says get on the floor
This kind of beat you just can't ignore
Funk vibrations of the positive kind
Move thru your body and enter your mind

Aphrodite brings me to you
Making one where there once was two
Beyond the stars and the Milky Way
In the groove we disintegrate

What a funky discovery
That the goddess set you up with me
Fell in love and shared a kiss
To a sound that went like this
Track Name: Mos Eisley Funk
On Tattooine, they say that you will never see
A more wretched hive of scum and villainy
It's a pirate's paradise, an island in the desert sand
We got an alien bar and a funkified cantina band

I'm talking 'bout Mos Eisley
My kind of place precisely
Groove with Figrin D'an
And the Modal Nodes man

Better watch your step cuz bounty hunters stalk the streets
Sleep with one eye open and a blaster gun between the sheets
And if you're feeling lucky, a game of chance might do you in
But know when to fold 'em, and always let the Wookiee win

I'm talking 'bout Mos Eisley
Yeah that'll do quite nicely
Only one song we know
So get on the floor

If you come to town, I wanna show you round my scene
So come on down and take a ride in my T-16
We know how to party in this galaxy far, far away
When the suns go down the funky band begins to play

I'm talking 'bout Mos Eisley
And if you ask me nicely
We can dance all night
Cuz the groove's airtight, alright
Track Name: Every Star (We're Not Alone)
Every star
In every sky
Could understand
The reasons why
I search for you
Night and day
I know my search
Can't be in vain

Every star
That you can see
Could hold the possibility
Of shining on you
While you dream
Of someone else
Someone like me

Sing to me
Across the night
Make me see
A trillion lights
Let me know
We're not alone

Every star
I see tonight
Above my world and burning bright
I know you're out there
Near or far
I'll call to you
On every star

Every star
I see tonight
Above my world and burning bright
My search for you
Continues on
Let me know
We're not alone

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