Space Funk Party

by Unidentified Funk Object

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released August 10, 2014

Produced by Ed Renzi & Greg Melchin
Recorded & engineered by Ed Renzi
Mastering by Pete MacDonald at Studio FMP
Artwork by JJ Steeves
All songs by Greg Melchin except track 2 (Greg Melchin/Adam McLellan)


Dr G: vocals, theremin, bass, synth, percussion
Tiffinie Laing: lead vocals, backing vocals
Carolyn Curry: lead vocals, backing vocals
Jenny MacDonald: lead vocals, backing vocals
Brendan Melchin: drums, percussion, electronic percussion, backing vocals
Casey Thompson: bass
Ross Avey: guitar, backing vocals
James Spray: guitar, backing vocals, percussion
Paul St-Amand: trumpet
Andrew MacKelvie: alto saxophone
Ally Fiola: tenor & baritone saxophone
Andrew Jackson: trombone
Martin Davidson: tenor saxophone
Jordan Tunney: trumpet
Christian Dufault: percussion
Kerry MacSwain: backing vocals
Eszter Horvath: backing vocals
Snug: programming
Ed Renzi: percussion, backing vocals & grunts

Horn arrangements by Greg Melchin except track 1 (Paul St-Amand/Greg Melchin)


all rights reserved



Unidentified Funk Object Halifax, Nova Scotia

Unidentified Funk Object brings interplanetary grooves beamed from the funkiest depths of space to Ur dancefloor. Dr. G's far-out theremin and the band's stone-cold funk take Ur body and soul 2 another plane of existence. Ahh yeah.

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Track Name: Shag Harbour
I know a place where the ocean meets the land
Where a cosmic funk party is bound to get out of hand
Where the positive funk vibrations always feel alright
Why don't you come on down to Shag Harbour with me tonight?

Let's go down to Shag Harbour baby
I wanna get down like the UFO
Let's go down to Shag Harbour baby
Get on the water like the yellow foam

One day a couple of extraterrestrials wanted to have a time
They set a course for a place that they knew was gonna blow their minds
They had an underwater aquaboogie party like you've never seen
They got their Shag Harbour on if you know just what I mean
Track Name: Space Funk Party (feat. Snug)
If U wanna party
Space funk party
If U wanna party
We gon beam one down yeah

Beaming down to your show tonight, everybody's looking fine
UFO's gonna do it right, bringing positive funk vibrations to your mind
And people used to give us flak saying we're a bunch of nerds
But U know that we don't give a frak and we still represent for all the geeks across the world
And I used to work a 9-to-5 for all the bills I had to pay
Now I'm rolling a 20-side for the orcs I have to slay
And my band is playing worldwide bringing y'all the cosmic groove
Cuz I'm an epic level 20 funk scientist and U know me and my party gonna make U move

Dig this scenario: after the show U get your crew
We gonna play some Mario, Super NES, like it's 1992
Hit the box with the ?, get the leaf and get so high
Because there ain't no party like a UFO party, playing beats, playing games, keep it going every night
Then we're in the bedroom, I'm showing U my figurines
U said U made a costume, and do I want to see?
Then U look just like Seven of Nine, I'm dressed like Dr Who
We get inside my TARDIS, do the kind of crossover that's just for 2

UFO is gonna move your body and your soul
Gonna bring the Cosmic Sound into your life
A funky revolution's gonna spread across the globe
Cuz U know that we always do it right
Track Name: Orbits
Woke up this morning, the music in my head
I started thinking about the things unsaid
That went between us, I wondered if you read my expression

I didn't know you, I didn't know your name
But I could feel it, feel that you felt the same
When we were dancing, baby I knew we made a connection

Because all that we want is something to take us away
From the circles that keep us spinning day after day

Cuz we go round and round and round in our orbits
Just like the stars in the sky
Don't you know that we go round and round and round in our orbits
Without ever knowing why

All through the week, babe, I couldn't concentrate
I couldn't fake it, I knew that something changed
Like I was sleeping but now I'm wide awake and alive

So I'll be waiting, waiting for Friday night
For a close encounter under the neon lights
Just like a shooting star, baby, to wish that we might feel so high every night

Because all that we want is something to take us beyond
Beyond the circles our lives are caught in until they are gone

What is this thing that makes our bodies move?
That keeps us dancing, keeps us in the groove?
Just like the way I feel when I'm with you, it's alright
Is it something in our chemistry?
Maybe some kind of biology?
Cuz all I know is that I want to be by your side, every night
Track Name: Zero Gravity
Late night shift sweeping floors at the observatory
She was in the laboratory working late
She was a woman of science mapping the position of the stars in the sky
But tonight they were all in their right place
She said "This world is weighing on me, but pretty soon I'll be flying free
Gonna work on an orbital telescope satellite"
And it's up outside the atmosphere but on a clear night you can see
And she led me outside and took me by the hand as the stars were shining bright

In zero gravity, we could live in a fantasy
And when you're holding me, I could plot a trajectory
In zero gravity, we'd be a singularity
And when we're floating free, you could give all your love to me

Well I ain't no mathematician babe and I don't know much of nuclear physics
But I know when the chemistry feels right
I said "I heard there was a force that can make two bodies be attracted to each other
And I think I can feel that force tonight"
I said "Take me with you when you go, I want to fly off into the sky
We can leave behind all our worries and our blues
Cuz there ain't no time to take it slow and we don't need to justify
Because I know all about the science of the heart and I know that mine is in free fall over you"
Track Name: Close Encounters
S/he: Wake up little man, look around if U can
U're about 2 go on an adventure
He: What's happened to me? Is this some kind of dream?
Or an alternate dimension?
S/he: U're aboard my ship, going to go on a trip
Of discovery and pleasure
He: This is going too far, I don't know what you are
An alien or whatever
S/he: U know I'm liking U,
I like the things U do
He: Well that is very nice for sure,
But I'm afraid of you
S/he: And if U take a chance today
I think U'll be amazed
He: I feel like I should run away
They: But at the same time, fascinated
These close encounters of the 3rd kind
R gonna blow my mind

S/he: So step in my groove cuz I like how U move
And I know that U wanna party
He: Well ma'am, I mean sir, I'm flattered for sure
But I really should be departing
S/he: Have a drink on me. Do U like what U see?
Do U want 2 hold my raygun?
He: You know I'm afraid of the things that you say
But I can't look away
S/he: I know what U're curious about
I'll show U what I got
He: You know I'd really rather not,
But thank you for the thought
S/he: Sit back and smell my pheromones
Cuz I got time U know
He: Don't know if I'm prepared to go
S/he: Yes U can go
They: Where no man has gone before
These close encounters of the 3rd kind
R gonna blow my mind

S/he: Hang on 2 Ur heart cuz I'm skilled in the art
Of cross-species seduction
He: Let's take it slow, take our time you know
It's my first alien abduction
S/he: We can take our time, just open Ur mind
And tell me which way U want it
He: Let's get it on then, one small step for man
It's time to make first contact

They: These close encounters of the 3rd kind
R gonna blow my mind
These close encounters, these close encounters
Thought we were alone but some1 found us
These close encounters, these close encounters
Alien love is all around us
Track Name: Extraterrestrial
I was walking through a cornfield in the middle of the night
When I looked up into the sky and saw a blinding light
It was a UFO and it was coming in to land
The door slid open and I saw a Mysterious Man
He danced down the ramp and stood before me
Took off his shades and looked me in the eye
He said "Ur people got 2 come 2gether
U got 2 groove or else U're gonna die"

Extraterrestrial, show us how U move
Come down 2 our world so we can emulate Ur groove
Extraterrestrial, give us 1 more chance
Funkify this broken world, I know we can remember how 2 dance

His band beamed in and started laying down some funky thing
On laser powered bass guitar and quantum theremin
He started talking to me and I heard it in my head
I didn't know his language but I knew just what he said
"Ur species is heading 4 destruction
Cuz Ur out of tune with the Cosmic Sound
So call all Ur friends and boogie with me
A funky revolution will go down"
Track Name: Science of Love
A spark of light ignites the dark, a creature moves across the land
Energy crackles between synapses, we want to understand
Bodies moving, bodies grooving
Their lonely orbits in the dark
Impulse arising, you're magnetizing my heart

This is the science of love
Gotta get my formula right
This is the science of love
Prove my hypothesis tonight
This is the science of love
Gotta verify that it's true
This is the science of love
Cuz we got some chemistry to do

Well I think and therefore I am, and therefore I've got to find
The underlying principle for why you're always on my mind
Because I got a theory, you could be near me
I want to put it to the test
Cause a reaction, our interaction is best

Well if E+MC^2, you will be my guiding light
And I will work in the laboratory late into the night
Righting equations and calculations
Experimenting, taking notes
Till I discover you are my lover, I'll know
Track Name: Man or Machine
Well I know U say that U're leaving
I know U have your reasons
Word on the street is U've been hanging round town
With some kind of machine now
It looks just like a man, it's like the perfect boyfrand
But it can't love you like I do, it's not part of its program
U know just what I mean girl so tell me
U want a man or machine?

Well a man, sometimes he makes mistakes
But you know that he can feel it
A machine can simulate affection
But U know it isn't real, yeah
A man, he can promise to do better
But there are some things that he can't do
A machine, it won't forget your birthday
But it doesn't understand U
U know just want I mean girl so tell me
U want a man or machine?

If U cry, it can hold U
Put your head on its shoulder
But it can never know why
But a man, he can love U
Put nothing above U
So girl U got to decide

A man can fall down on his knees
And beg U not to leave him
A machine, if U don't like its program
U can just delete it
So girl, won't U listen to this man
When he tells U that he needs U
Don't tell him that he missed his chance
And that he's obsolete too
U know just what I mean girl so tell me
U want a man or machine
Track Name: Can't Silence the Funk
U're looking through your telescope in2 the sky
Questions run through Ur head, U start to wonder why
Why is there something instead of nothing at all?
What is it that makes us bump and grind across the floor?
U realize that it's the music of the spheres
That's been a-grooving for so many billion years
U feel the beat and realize it's all around
Filling the cosmos with a funky sound
U know that cosmic vibe
It's messing with Ur mind
It makes U want 2 dance, want 2 leave the world behind

U got 2 get down and move Ur rump
Because even outer space can't silence the funk

It's the beat of the pulsars in the night
And it's the heat of all the stars that burn so bright
And it's the energy that makes everything move
And all the beings everywhere that live and groove
U hear it call Ur name just like it has a voice
U listen 2 it cause U know U got no choice
It makes U want 2 dance, makes U want 2 sing and shout
It makes U realize just what it's all about
U know that cosmic thing
It's messing with Ur brain
And now U know that things will never be the same

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