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S/he: Wake up little man, look around if U can
U're about 2 go on an adventure
He: What's happened to me? Is this some kind of dream?
Or an alternate dimension?
S/he: U're aboard my ship, going to go on a trip
Of discovery and pleasure
He: This is going too far, I don't know what you are
An alien or whatever
S/he: U know I'm liking U,
I like the things U do
He: Well that is very nice for sure,
But I'm afraid of you
S/he: And if U take a chance today
I think U'll be amazed
He: I feel like I should run away
They: But at the same time, fascinated
These close encounters of the 3rd kind
R gonna blow my mind

S/he: So step in my groove cuz I like how U move
And I know that U wanna party
He: Well ma'am, I mean sir, I'm flattered for sure
But I really should be departing
S/he: Have a drink on me. Do U like what U see?
Do U want 2 hold my raygun?
He: You know I'm afraid of the things that you say
But I can't look away
S/he: I know what U're curious about
I'll show U what I got
He: You know I'd really rather not,
But thank you for the thought
S/he: Sit back and smell my pheromones
Cuz I got time U know
He: Don't know if I'm prepared to go
S/he: Yes U can go
They: Where no man has gone before
These close encounters of the 3rd kind
R gonna blow my mind

S/he: Hang on 2 Ur heart cuz I'm skilled in the art
Of cross-species seduction
He: Let's take it slow, take our time you know
It's my first alien abduction
S/he: We can take our time, just open Ur mind
And tell me which way U want it
He: Let's get it on then, one small step for man
It's time to make first contact

They: These close encounters of the 3rd kind
R gonna blow my mind
These close encounters, these close encounters
Thought we were alone but some1 found us
These close encounters, these close encounters
Alien love is all around us


from Astounding Tales​!​!​!, released June 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Unidentified Funk Object Halifax, Nova Scotia

Unidentified Funk Object brings interplanetary grooves beamed from the funkiest depths of space to Ur dancefloor. Dr. G's far-out theremin and the band's stone-cold funk take Ur body and soul 2 another plane of existence. Ahh yeah.

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